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“Les Belles Combes” is a popular cross-country ski race. The races are registered in the National and Regional calendar of long distance races and comply with the FFS regulations.

The classic style Marathon is also part of the Marathon Ski Tour, the Ski Classics Challengers circuit and the Worldloppet Global Ski Calendar.


Article 2 – Participation in competitions

Only holders of a valid federal title can take part in a competition registered on the National or Regional calendar: License Carte Neige Competitor, Manager, Leisure or race ticket (see article 3).


FIS licenses are not taken into account (because Les Belles Combes is not on the FIS calendar).


Foreign runners: Foreign runners must hold a valid federal title (*) or a “Race ticket” if the rules for the Race ticket (article 3) allow it.


By way of exception and in application of reciprocity agreements with these federations, licensees of the Spanish and Andorran ski federations can take part in regional competitions listed on the FFS calendar (all disciplines – with the exception of the French Championships) without needing to subscribe a snow card license or a Ticket Course. To do this, they must present the organizers with a valid license from one of these two federations (*).


By way of exception and in application of a reciprocity agreement with this federation, licensees of the Swiss ski federation can take part in competitions listed on the FFS cross-country skiing calendar (including popular so-called "long distance" races), without needing to subscribe to a snow card license or a Ticket Course. To do this, they must present to the organizers a valid license from the Swiss Ski Federation or the form “license confirmation» (provided by this federation), duly completed. 

(*) Spanish Winter Sports Federation and Andorran Ski Federation.


Article 3 – Race Ticket

The Race Ticket is compulsory for runners not licensed by the FFS, except for the exceptions described in article 2.

The Ticket Course is sold for €16.

The Ticket Course does not give rise to points and its holder does not appear in the national FFS ranking.

The period of validity of the Race Ticket is strictly limited to the day of the race. 


The insurance and assistance guarantees offered to holders of a Ticket Course are presented in the leaflet "Ticket Course 2021/2022 information notice & accident report»


Article 4 - Medical certificate

  • Minors

Minors holding an FFS snow card license (including "leisure" and "manager" snow card license) do not need to provide a medical certificate.

Minors holding a race ticket must complete, together with the persons exercising parental authority, "a minor health questionnaire» relating to the state of health of the underage athlete; if they answered no to all the questions of the health questionnaire, they must provide the organizers of the FFS competitions concerned with a "health questionnaire certificate.. If they answered yes to one or more questions, they must provide a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of skiing or sport in competition for less than 6 months.


  • Majors

Adults holding a competitor FFS snow card license do not have to provide a medical certificate or certificate.

Adults holding a race ticket, "Director" or "Leisure" snow card license, must complete"a health questionnaire» ; if they answered no to all the questions of the health questionnaire, they must provide the organizers of the FFS competitions concerned with a "health questionnaire certificate". If they answered yes to one or more questions, they must provide a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of skiing or sport in competition for less than 6 months.

Article 5 - Number of participants

For the protection of nature, the number of participants is limited to 500/day (passages through sensitive areas).


Article 6 - Age categories & authorized distances:

Article 7 – Departure times

in FT: 12km - 30km: departure Saturday 18/02/2023 at 11am

in CT: 12km – 23km - 42km: departure Sunday 02/19/2023 at 10 a.m.



For the departure of disabled runners there is an early departure of 20 'so departure Saturday at 10:40 am - Sunday at 9:40 am!


These departure times are subject to shopping on the nominal route. The organizer reserves the right to modify its departure times when circumstances so require.

Any change of departure site/time will be communicated on our website.

It is the responsibility of those registered to follow the news on the event's website in the "News" section.

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Article 8 – Results, classification and awards

The results and a live follow-up (intermediate points) will be available on the timekeeper's website.

A classification will be established at least according to the categories of ages and authorized distances.

Podiums (men/women) with awards are provided at least for the longest authorized distance in each category:


U18 =>12km CT/FT

U20 => 23km CT / 30km FT

Seniors => 30km FT / 42km CT


A combined classification will be established on Sunday for the runners who participated in the 2 long distance races (Saturday 30km FT + Sunday marathon CT)


Article 9 – Delivery of flowers - Delivery of prizes

The delivery of flowers will take place immediately after the arrival of the first 3 runners in each category. The official award ceremony will take place around 1 p.m. (Saturday and Sunday).

The organization will adapt the mode of the prize giving according to the circumstances of the race.


Article 10 - souvenir lot

A souvenir prize is guaranteed for each participant on Saturday and Sunday. 


Article 11 – Registration refund

The refund of a registration is possible in 2 cases:

1. Total cancellation of the event by the organization => the organization will refund the registration to all registered (excluding bank charges).

2. If you have registered for an event and you have taken out cancellation insurance, then you will be reimbursed according to theconditions of the insurer's contract. 


Article 12 - Route

The nominal route is available on the event's website. The organizer reserves the right to modify this course according to environmental, meteorological and security constraints.


Article 13 - Participant material responsibility

The organizers cannot be held responsible for the loss/theft of participants' belongings/equipment during the race, even if the organization sets up a dedicated space (unsupervised).



1. Each competitor must be aware of the current FIS/FFS classic style rules.

2. The organizer reserves the right to rely on ALL images taken during the race in order to verify compliance with the classic style.

3. REMINDER: SIZE of the CLASSIQUE rods. The size of the classic canes must not exceed 83% of the rider's size (classic ski boots on the feet).


This size is calculated:

  • According to the size of the skier WITH ski boots

  • Size of the rods measured from the tip to the insertion of the straps on the rod The organizer will carry out systematic checks on the sizes of the rods before departure.



Article 15 - Starting lines

15.1 - FFS

Elite line: points <100; classification 2020-2022: 42 km: 5 first and 5 first; 23 km: first 5 and first 3 Front row: points <170; classification 2020-2022: 42 km: 60 first and 10 first; 21 km: 25 first and 15 first Second line: All participants who do not meet the criteria of the other 2 lines. The first lines are strictly reserved for FFS or FIS licensees.


15.2 - Marathon Ski Tour

On the front line (excluding the Elite Line) will be the riders ranked from 1 to 30 in the provisional general classification of the Marathon Ski Tour for men and from 1 to 8 for Women. Runners ranked 31 to 60 in the provisional general classification of the Marathon Ski Tour for men and 8 to 15 for women will be in the second line or assimilated. It is the classification of the previous year which will be taken into account in the absence of a provisional general classification.


15.3 - VISMA Ski Classics

The athletes of the Ski Classic Pro Teams start in the "elite" line before the amateurs. The first 10 male and female competitors classified in the national challenger events also start from the elite line.


Article 16 - Eco event

Each participant must behave in a way that respects the environment (travelling, sorting waste at the event site, preserving the natural areas crossed, etc.) Our routes cross sensitive environments. For the protection of nature, it is forbidden for any competitor to leave the course of the race. Intentional non-compliance with this article will automatically cause the disqualification of the competitor!


Article 17 - Image rights

Any competitor waives the right to image on the photos and videos taken during "Les Belles Combes" and these can be used for the promotion of Les Belles Combes.


Article 18 - Registrations

Registration is done ONLY online

• until Thursday February 16, 2023 at midnight for Saturday races

• until Friday February 17, 2023 at midnight for Sunday races




Article 19 - Withdrawal of bibs

Withdrawal of bibs possible only on the day of the race!


For Saturday races: 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

For Sunday races: 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.


The collection of bibs will take place near the start/finish stadium.


Article 20 - Meals

Meals can be ordered when registering for races.

It is also possible to have a meal only.

You have the choice between “full meal on site” and “full meal to take away”.

For security reasons the number offull meal on site is limited to 250per day.


Article 21 - Rates

For competitors (ladies and men) in possession of a federal FFS title, a reduction of 15 euros is applied to the prices.

Following reciprocity with the Swiss and Spanish ski federations, holders of a license from these federations pay the FFS license fee. On the other hand, they must provide a medical certificate dating from less than one year at the time of the competition and which authorizes the sport or Nordic skiing in competition. 


Article 22 - Refreshments

Supplies will be installed on the course and at the finish, for runners and hikers. On each refueling point, everyone must respect the instructions, in particular for the preservation of the environment.

Article 23 - Support for minors

For the hike: free registration for children under 12, but accompaniment by an adult (paying) compulsory!


Article 24 – Computer Rights and Freedoms

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978 (and GDPR), each runner has the right to access, rectify and delete personal data concerning him. The runner is also informed that, by accepting these rules, certain personal information (email address) may be communicated to third parties for the smooth running of the race or for the promotion of cross-country ski races. He can however refuse the communication of his information on simple request to the organization (by email to


Article 25 – Acceptance of the rules of the event

By paying for his registration, each competitor confirms that he is fully aware of the race rules and accepts them without reservation.


Article 26 – COVID-19

Find all the information concerning COVID-19 in our dedicated section: INFO COVID-19 Specific measures according to the health regulations in force may be put in place. The latter take priority over the articles of the general regulations and replace them if they are in contradiction.

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